..."popsicles on the porch"...what a great afternoon treat and our favorite way to spend time together! These are simple and precious moments! Princess #1 and Princess #2 along with Little Man #1 and #2 are my inspiration for most of these writings.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Little Pumpkin

My little pumpkin is growing so fast! I can't believe she is already 18months! She is a ball of energy just like her big sister and is always on the go and taking in the world around her!

Here are a few of her favorite things to do:
-Dress up as a princess with her sister. I love to see her click around in her little high heels as she wraps her arm through a little purse...too cute!

--Watch Mary Poppins with her big sister. I am amazed that she can sit through it but she is truly captivated by all of the singing!

---Speaking of...she loves to sing (surprise, surprise) and like her sister can hear harmonies! Course this doesn't surprise mama since they've both been listening to me sing these parts on the worship team ever since they were in the womb. She has a pretty low voice so far and since she gravitates to the alto lines, Tim and I am guessing she may be an alto...we'll see!

--Not only does she love to sing, but she also loves to dance! Anytime she hears music she starts movin' in rhythm! I like to think this is attributed to our trip to Panama when I was 7 months pregnant with her. We attended a wedding with a lot of pre-wedding and post wedding festivities. Needless to say, papi couldn't get mommy off the dance floor!

--Chase Dakota (our dog) around the house with her sister! This drives mama nuts!

--Popsicles on the porch after nap time

--Chalk it up outside with big sister and the neighborhood clan

--Blow Bubbles

--Ride her little tykes red car and attempt to ride big sister's bike

--Play Ball-She loves to hit the ball off the T-set

--Play in the bathtub

--Swinging on the swings

--Baking goodies with mama

Did I mentions she is a little "parrot?" She not only mimicks everything her big sister does, but also repeats everything she hears!!

Here are a few of her words:



--No, No, No!!!!






--Oh Boy!

--Oh No!

--I did it!





--Oma-Dutch for Grandma

--Swiper no Swiping--from Dora

--Abre--Spanish word for open

--Tank You/ Gacas for gracias

--More/Mas (Spanish)

--Abidaah--A made up word for pacifier which big sister passed on to her

--Amen-after we pray for meals and whenever she hears the word Jesus

Her favorite Videos:




--Mary Poppins

--Baby Einstein

Her Favorite Songs:

--Ring around the Rosies

--Head and Shoulders



--Praise Music, Barney Songs and Spanish Songs (La Bamba, Cantaba la Rana, Coqui, etc...)

The time is going by so fast and I feel these precious moments slipping through my fingers! Soon we will be moving into potty training and although I have so much joy in seeing her grow, I am somewhat saddened to see her leave behind the baby stage.

So, while these moments are still etched away in my mind and heart, I feel compelled to record them down and mark this season of our journey together! I am savoring these moments and will treasure them forever!


Morgan said...

mel, she is so cute! whenever music is on in kids crossing, she bounces up and down with this huge smile on her face!!

Catherine Haskew said...

I still remember babysitting her when she was just three months old...wow time flies!! She is absolutely beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Mel. Eli is so beautiful. I am so proud to be her aunt.

Anonymous said...

Mel. Eli is so beautiful. I am so proud to be her aunt.