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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Motherhood...something to be passionate about!

It's about 10:00pm and I just returned home from my weekly Dale Carnegie course. As I mentioned before I am currently serving as one of the assistant coach's training to be a certified instructor.

Tonight the topic for one of my presentations was to share a brief one minute report on something that I am passionate about! A few goals with every presentation is to deliver a clear and concise presentation within the time frame outlined. For this particular talk we were required to leave or audience with one specific action and benefit. Below were my thoughts on motherhood.


I am passionate in my role as mom to my children! I am discovering that being a mom is not only the toughest job I will ever have, but it is the highest position I will ever hold. It is not a glamorous job and is certainly not esteemed by our culture but it is the….

Toughest Job because:
It requires more patience than the average person possesses
You are never first, but always last
You don’t get a pat on the back or a raise for a job well done
You don’t have a fancy title and the world does not esteem your position,
You always work overtime and
Never get paid vacations or sick time

Does this sound like a job you might be lining up for?

The Sacrifices are steep…but the rewards are so great!

Not only is it the toughest job, but it is the greatest position I will ever hold because….

Highest Position:
No one on this planet can fill this role except for me! Because of that, I am discovering that I have the potential to be the greatest influencer in the lives of my children. WOW!! That’s a huge responsibility and one that I don’t take lightly.

Action: So, take the time to value those you know who are mothers

Benefit: and you will encourage them greatly in their role!

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The Worship Guy said...

Hey love,

I'm stoked that you're as passionate as you are about your role as Mother. No one else can fullfill this position in the lives of our children and you're doing a fantastic job!

I love you!