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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Update: Adoption on Hold

Many of you already know, but others have asked where we're at with the adoption that I blogged about a while back. Here's a little update:

Tim and I didn't get too far in the process before we found out that we were pregnant again with our newest addition due in March. Because of that, we had to put the adoption process on hold.

I have to admit, even though I already knew what the agency would say, I was bummed when I got off the phone and heard the official "no, we cannot accept your application at this time." If anything, I now have a greater understanding of just how deep the need is for loving families to open their homes to children in need. It has only served to increase my passion for us to adopt a child into our home.

I am deeply saddened that so many children around the world go without many of the things that we take for granted. Things like food, water, and a place to lay thier head at night. They don't have a mommy or daddy to hug and kiss them, to tuck them in at night, or wipe their tears when they're scared or hurt. Instead, they often become slaves to child prostitution or end up playing in fields filled with land mines. I can't even fathom this??

Tim and I feel compelled to reach out...how can we not! Even if it's only one child we are able to help.

So, for us it's not really a matter of "if," but "when." With that, we know that all is in God's hands and that his timing is perfect. For now, we celebrate with great joy the life that is growing inside me and the blessing it is to be able to provide for our children what so many others around the world should be able to have.

Some friends of ours Jamie and Aaron Ivey are doing what I talked about above...they are trying to save a young boy in Haiti from some desperate situations. He is currently living in a rescue center and is awaiting the adoption process. Check out a video they recently received of their son they named Amos Dowensky Ivey. He's the one in the blue shirt and he is opening up a care package full of toys and family pictures he received from Aaron and Jamie.

You can be a part of helping the Iveys bring their son home by purchasing one of their T-shirts. So, I encourage you to stop by their site at http://savingdowensky.wordpress.com and find out more about how you can help in their adoption process.

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Steph said...

Hey Mel,
It's Steph Cease. I'm fairly new to this blog thing, so I am going to have to go back and read more about this whole adoption process you guys have been going through. With so many babies in need, it's crazy that it's such a long, hard process. Let us know how we can be praying.
And thanks so much for posting the video of the Ivey's baby (How precious!) and their website. I'm anxious to hear more about how they're doing.