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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WFM: Home Cleaning Schedule

Having a designated cleaning day during the week is helping me to maintain some measure of sanity and helping me to keep up with my busy and growing family!

Below is my personal home cleaning schedule that works for me!

  • Laundry (at least two loads: Linens and Towels +Usually a delicate load

  • Prepare Trash from all rooms

Make it happen Mondays- Because I love the feeling of walking through my door and smelling fresh cleaning products throughout my whole house (I know, I know..I'm a freak), I typically reserve one day a week as my cleaning day! Not only do I prefer the feeling of knowing that my house is clean from top to bottom but I'd much rather take my medicine in one sitting rather than little sips. Plus, I find that it's easier for me to set aside one day a week without disrupting my time with the kiddos.

So Mondays have become "my main housecleaning day! This day is typically reserved as a stay at home day, a time to "make things happen around the house."

In order to get an early start, I usually get cranking first thing in the morning before the girls get up! Ocassionally, when the house has gotten way out of control, my wonderful hubby has even gotten up with me to help me tackle some things before the little tornados wake up!

I am usually done after nap time usually around 4pm. Because I'm generally exhausted by that time, I usually plan on a light dinner i.e crock pot, soup, etc..something easy!

Monday Schedule:

  • Laundry-Wash, Fold and Put Away Laundry (at least 2 loads: girls clothes + darks)
  • Sweep and Mop Floors (Kitchen, Living Room, Hallways and Bathrooms)
  • Polishing Furniture/Glass Tops (Weekly)

  • Bathrooms: Toilets/Tubs (Weekly)

  • Vaccuming

  • Change Linens in all rooms (Weekly)

  • Thorough Cleaning of Kitchen (pantry, sink, wiping down cabinets and chairs, base boards, and windows (if needed) etc...


  • Laundry (at least 2 loads: girls clothes +whites)
  • Mop Floor in Kitchen (Quick touch up during nap time. Not a real mopping job but the swiffer holds me over until Monday and gets the job done.)

  • Vaccum

  • Prepare Trash from all rooms

Friday: Because my husband works on Sunday, we generally reserve this day as a family day! In addition, I am trying to get much better at making sure I have some mommy time on these days! Here are some things that I try to make sure I do to indulge myself a little!

  • Mommy Day (Reading & Journaling at Starbucks, Lunches with Friends, Eyebrows every 2wks and pedicure 1 mo.)
  • Finances/Office Clean Up (Tim)

Every Day Chores:

  • Dishes

  • Sweep Kitchen and Living Room
  • Clean Girls Rooms (before nap and bedtime)

  • Quick Touch Ups on Bathroom (needs to be decently presentable)

  • Check, Sort, File Mail

Monthly- My husband and I have made a goal to tackle at least one (possibly 2) home improvement projects; typically the first Saturday of every month. Depending on how big the project sometimes it's necessary to make appropriate arrangements for the girls. Projects can include anything from the list below.

  • Garage

  • Painting

  • Reorganizing...you name it!

  • Wash Windows/Base Boards in all rooms

  • Tiles/Grout Cleaning

  • Bedroom Closets
  • Pantry
  • Spring/Fall Cleaning
I've only been home just a little over a year, but it's so refreshing seeing my home schedule finally coming together! I'm sure it will have to be tweaked with the different seasons that come our way (like when our little guy comes in March), but having a plan of action has helped bring a better balance! It works for me!

For more ideas, be sure to visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer!


Morgan said...

wow! i am exhausted just reading this!! way to go! do the girls help you?

Melanie said...

No, no little helpers...just no way I could get it done. It helps me to keep on a schedule so that it doesn't all pile up. Probably looks like a lot more written down too.

I get a lot knocked out before they wake up in the morning, while they eat breakfast, during their room time and then again while they nap! :)Then we have the rest of the week...let the fun times roll! :)

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