..."popsicles on the porch"...what a great afternoon treat and our favorite way to spend time together! These are simple and precious moments! Princess #1 and Princess #2 along with Little Man #1 and #2 are my inspiration for most of these writings.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Simpler Times....

As I was eating breakfast this morning, if you can even call it that (yogurt and granola), my little one comes up to me and says, “I want bite!” What was supposed to be “A bite” actually meant that I had to hand over my entire yogurt container to her.

(I'm being pretty brave here by putting pictures of myself 8 months pregnant, 5 minutes after waking up. :) Please be kind!)

Elianna making her move.

Going in for the steal.

Almost there...


This got me thinking about all the simple things that I used to enjoy before having children. Things that I would have never viewed as luxuries until now. If you have children, then you know what I mean.

Not that I would trade this time for ANYTHING, but every now and then, I do miss some of those simpler times….

A few simple luxuries that Mommy use to have:

Finishing a cup of coffee—I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made myself a cup of coffee only to get distracted by the kids and it gets cold. So I stick it in the microwave to warm it up and then forget about it again. I usually remember somewhere around dinner time when Tim calls out, “hey coffee waster!” while pulling out my cold gross coffee from the microwave. “Oh yeah!” I respond. “I never got to finish my cup of coffee!”

Eating on my own--It doesn’t matter what I have in my hand, mommy is ALWAYS required to share her food or drink!

Going to the bathroom—Come on! Every time the door closes you can bet that’s when the little ones start knocking and opening up the door.

Here are a few of my favorite lines:

“Mommy what are you doing?”

“Mommy, I need to go poo-poo right now!”

But my favorite is…."its ok, sweetie, don’t cry!" "relax, your tummy will feel much better, I promise!”

Getting Dressed—This used to be a HUGE challenge, but now that our little one is getting older, I have been able to incorporate Room Time which has been a big help! This is a time for the girls to play together in their room or watch a video while mommy gets ready...usually uninterrupted!

Putting on my makeup—My girls LOVE makeup! At times it can be so much fun watching them put on their play make up. But then there are times when it's not so funny, like when I'm in a hurry to get out the door! So, I am learning that I have to be very careful not to pull my makeup out around the girls or it turns into a big whine fest!!

Reading—still trying to figure out how to get this in without being up too late at night! They probably have a hundred books, but if I pull mine out (which has no pictures), it will only be a matter of time before they're pulling it out of my hands!

Listening to music (especially in the car) —I really miss this one! For those that know us, you know that we LOVE music, so this has been a huge sacrifice! Tim and I have grown accustomed to listening to Barney, Children’s worship music, Children Spanish Songs, and etc…

Ahhh….simpler times!!

What are some luxuries you use to enjoy before kids??


Steph said...

1. Going to the store without first having to prepare and pack as if I am going to space! The diaper bag, the snack, the juice, the toy, the list...Oh Lord, heaven forbid we leave without THE LIST!
2. Sleeping until I'm done sleeping!
3. Not having to shush my friends who come over after Braelyn's bedtime.

Great post Mel!I'm with ya!...And I just have one! Oh momma!

Jen said...

one word...


Casey said...

i think you look amazing 8 months pregnant. really. and your little one is so precious. i can't wait to get to know her when she comes to my kc class. and i love your new blog header!!

Terri said...

Hi Mel ~

Yes I agree with Casey - you look fantastic at 8 months - you are glowing.

Hmmm I have to say I do miss shopping sometims though ofcourse it's all worth it and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

One time at target i went into the fitting room with both my boys. And ended up nursing crying Andrew. Then Matthew wanting to play saying "Mommy Hidding" over and over - wanting me to play too. Perhaps the best birth control for neighboring women in fitting rooms...

oh and computer time - i posting one handed typing w/andrew. sorry about the typos....


Lynnette said...


Erin said...

How 'bout the days of doing all the laundry one day a week! Ah, good times...

Melissa said...

Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen you- you look GREAT!!!

I love this post too. I'm pretty new at the game, but I'm already feeling some of this.

Definitely the sleep deprivation and not being able to finish a meal. So many of my breakfasts have become cheesesticks, because I can unwrap them and go back to bed and finish them there. LOL

Thanks for your prayers, we greatly appreciate them.

nick beam said...


1)cleaning the floor and staying clean for more than 1 hour.

2)watching t.v. without frequent request for spongebob.

3) sleeping in my bed with just my wife.

4) working out without yelling every 30 seconds to leave theweight machine alone.

5) a clean bathroom without urine on the floor. (ok!maybe sometimes I got urine on the floor, I'm a guy!)

6) washing my car without sharing the waterhose.

7) dressing only myself in the morning.

8) eating out without the assistance of toys.

9) Walls that didn't have writing on them.

10) a dog that wasn't scared of kids!

Good post monica, I'm still waiting on an answer from your organization post!

the hungarian said...

the luxury i miss most is my mind. Does that count? :)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful Melanie!! Enjoy the 8-9 months pregnant belly-it's the only time it's socially acceptable for your belly to be bigger than your "mammary glands"!

Sarah Beth said...

Girl, I hear you!!! Just this morning I was attempting to finish just one cup of coffee. As I drove to the library with screaming kids, I was longing for that cup... Oh well, something to look forward to I guess. You look awesome by the way--almost makes me want to be prego again (okay maybe not bad enough yet). Love, SB