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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Bargain Shopper Lady!

While visiting a friend's blog today, I came across this great website with lots of great deals, coupons, etc...I decided to head on over and get in on the action!

Check out the swim suit cover up pants from Victoria Secret I bought on line today at The Bargain Shopper Lady!

Guess how much they were?

I paid a total of $2.15 including shipping and handling! That's right...Can you believe it?!

If you'd like to get in on the action better head on over to The Bargain Shopper Lady as soon as you can! (Thanks for the link Jamie!)

Happy Shopping!


Terri said...

Hey Mel ~

I tried it and it said the two offer codes cannot be used together. Did you get that message at all?? Help!?!?


Melanie said...

No, I did not get that message. I went all the way through the check out process and near the end there was a page for inserting up to five different codes. I cut and pasted both codes into the first two blanks and it accepted them. If you try it again and get the same message maybe we can walk through it together over the phone.

Casey said...

very cool!

Steph said...

I'm not sure if you'll check this comment, but...I totally just bought something off Vicky's.com after I clicked your link. I never do things like that! Did I go to the bargain lady?...oh no...the real deal. Totally an impulse buy!...but it's good for the family if ya know what I mean! :)Hehe.

Melanie said...

Ha-ha! I'm sure Casey will approve of your impulse buy! It's good to splurge every now and then! :)