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Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Book, Great Website!!

Look at this cool find I found at Essential Family Living! I love the title...so appropriate! Ahhh..life after kids! As soon as I saw it, I sent my hubby the link in case he needed some ideas for Valentine’s Day!

For some great resources, ideas, products, tips, etc…on family related topics, be sure to head on over to Essential Family Living! There is even a section completely devoted for ideas on having a Family Fun Night, Frugal Family Living, Family Devotionals, Organizational Tips, etc..

Here are just a few questions that Esssential Family Living addresses:

What should we do on our family fun night? How much will it cost?
What if we are on a family budget? How can I have a frugal household and still have fun with my family?
Where do I begin in my efforts to create a frugal living household?
How do I create a home based internet business?
How important is health and wellness to the happiness of my family?
How do I organize my time so that I have the time and energy to create fun nights with my family?

Be sure to check it out!


nick beam said...


thanks for being the first one to cmment on my page. can you link me onto your blogger buddy list. I like the girls bunk beds, and they look like they like them too!Ask Tim his who his bunk buddy was!Tell him also that I have about 4 or 5 posts on my blog so I am ready for my shot at being on his blog buddy list too!By the way, give me some feedback on what you think I can do to improve the blog. Im not against criticism as long as it is constructive!Hope you are feeling better and I'm sorry to here about your 4x a day test. You told me about your scripture in Isaih when I was going through hard times a few years ago, and I have never forgot it. Now it is your turn to use it!I'll be praying for you.

Nick Beam

Lynnette said...

Hey Mel I have a new blog here lynniped.blogspot.com
They are promoting this book right now in MOPS and we are going to do date books next session. So I will be checking out this book.