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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Nursing Covers!

Here is another nursing cover I made last week! This now makes number 3!
Can you tell I'm enjoying it?!
This is proving to be a fun little hobby!

Not only have I gotten to know some great gals in our sewing group but I'ts also been a great time hanging out with my sister who just moved here from Florida. She was an interior design major at University of North Texas and has been giving me some great pointers!

Who knows, it may be an additional way to make a little extra cash down the road. I'm thinking about selling on e-bay and seeing how it goes!

I've already picked up some more fabric; a zebra print and polka dot print! Though I'm really trying to craft these nursing covers, I'm hoping to branch out a little bit. I've already purchased a pattern to make a purse out of the extra fabric I have at our next sewing meet up.
Can't wait to get cranking! The hardest part is finding the time and of course not staying up too late!


monique said...

Great job, Mel. You may just have inspired me to break out my machine and try this out myself.

Popsicles on the porch said...

Come on out to our next sewing get together girlie! I think the next one is on the 15th at Casey's house! :)