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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mom Time

We had 4 new faces at Mom Time last night! It was great hanging out and spending time getting to know one another a little better!

Our discussion time centered around the diverse roles that we as women have. Not only are we wives and mothers, but we're also daughters, sisters, students, girlfriends, neighbors, lay ministers, career women, and etc...
We wear so many different hats and have so many different things pulling for our time, attention and affection. How do we balance it all?

At times, being so many things to so many different people can be very overwhelming. We
obviously can’t do everything. At some point or another something has to give.
What I am discovering more and more is that different seasons of our journey require different priorities, therefore we must be in tune with the season that we're in. Knowing this will help give us a little more direction and focus and will help us to know what things to say yes to and what things we need to say no to.

Secondly, once we identify those roles that take priority, we must draw near to God to find out how He would have us fulfill the current roles he has placed before us. What is he trying to teach us through this season of our journey? Is motherhood teaching you how to be more patient, selfless, etc...? Or maybe you're learning about forgiveness, kindness and how to better serve others through a strained relationship with your sibling, boss, or your own mother. This was the focus of our discussion last night that led to some great discussion!

Looking at Scripture: Exodus 2:1-10 and Hebrews 11:23
Moses' mother had a very difficult and challenging role before her when she was faced with the sudden news that Pharoah had issued a law declaring that all male infants should be killed.
Think about your children right now…can you imagine the horror of this news? What would you do? How would you respond?

She was not only a mother, but she was a wife, a citizen, nurse maid, and etc.. As a mother, how could she hand her baby over to be slaughtered? However, as a citizen, she would be breaking the law, risking her own life as well as the life of her other children and family members if she did not obey the decree.

In her heart, she knew she needed to trust God. Scripture tells us that she took her baby and wrapped him up in a papyrus basket and placed him in the Nile River. She instructed Miriam, Moses sister to follow the basket keeping watch over Moses in hopes that Pharaoh’s daughter would discover him. Wow! What an act of faith!

I can't imagine having only those two choices before me; either handing my baby over to be slaughtered or sending him out to float in a basket along the river. Neither one of these choices sounds very appealing to me!! What a difficult and challenging role Moses' Mother faced.

Though our circumstances may be different from Jochabed, we too have some challenging roles that God has placed before us.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Think about one of the most difficult roles you have or have had. It could be as a mother, a caregiver, as a boss, a student, etc…Share how you navigated or are currently navigating your way through this tough assignment?

God equipped Jochebed with the strength and faith she needed and as a result, her faithfulness in her role opened up the door for God to raise up a great leader that would lead the Israelites out of bondage. Through her faithfulness and obedience, God used her to accomplish His purposes.

2. What do you think God may be accomplishing in your life through this challenging role you identified? Where do you need his insight and guidance?

As you identify what roles take priority given the current season you are in, draw near to the Lord and discover all that God desires to do in and through you during this time. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a career woman, sister, daughter, etc...God has uniquely positoned you.

Like Jochebed, He too can use you to accomplish his kingdom purposes. Whatever your role, whatever the challenge, let each tough role bring you closer to God, as you learn to rely on his power and faithfulness to fulfill his purpose for your life!

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