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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions....What's Baby Boy's Name??

So, we're a few weeks away until our expected due date, March 17th and we've yet to finalize baby boy's name! It's driving me crazy! I don't know why but Tim and I are having a hard time landing together on that one special name that you just know that's it...that's the name!

You'd think by now I'd be use to it....

From Noah to Isabella
Because we did not find out the sex of our first child, we went to the hospital prepared with a boy name and was 99% sure of our girl name. Noah for a boy and Isabella for a girl. The catch was was that we had already been calling the baby Noah without even knowing the sex. In fact, I grew so attached to what I thought was "baby Noah" that Tim and I seriously contemplated calling the baby Noa even if it was a girl (BTW--there is a girl in the bible named Noah). Right after the baby was born and they told us it was a girl, I remember Tim whispering in my ear, "so, what do you think..Noa or Isabella?" I gave him the honor of deciding and of course now I couldn't see it any other way! I'm so glad he picked Isabella!

We decided on Elianna's name a month before she was born. I had been agonizing over a name (much like I am doing now) when Tim came home one night and said, "you have to listen to this new Christy Nockels song...I think I found our girl name."

Being that Christy Nockels is my favorite Christian aritist and curious about what on earth he was talking about, I immediately told him to pop in the CD and play it for me. I loved the song and when I heard the name I knew that was it! That was our name! So, that's how we got the name Elianna.

Baby Boy
So here I am. Same story different baby. We do have a few top picks (Noah still being one of them) but we've yet to reach that sold out, "that's it" feeling! If you're wondering what's different about baby number 3...why don't you go with Noah like you originally planned on doing when you were pregnant with baby number 1? The answer is we definitely haven't ruled it out. It's still one of our top picks, but something is definitely different about the name this time around. I'm not sure if it has something to do with how attached I got with with thinking it was a boy the first time around, calling it by that name for so long and then finding out that there never really was a Noah. Sounds crazy I know, but I really can't explain why I'm not hands down, sold out, gotta have that name this time around?

I don't know...maybe it's not as practical as I thought for two people to reach the same sold out feeling on a name.

What do you think? What's been your experience here?

When I think about any major life decision we've ever made, we've always been so "here." To me, choosing our child's name fits in that category! Just feels weird not be on the same page and time is ticking!!

(check out my baby spinning like crazy in the count down box...feels like he's spinning franticly over there for a name!)

*****Addition to this post*****
Tim and I are reading and discussing names right now...and this is what we came across. Pretty ironic and funny.

What is johnny cash's middle name?


Johhny Cash was born J. R. Cash (his parents couldn't agree on a name, just initials), taking the name John R. Cash when he entered the military, and then Johnny Cash when he took to the stage. Note that his father was "Ray" and his mother's maiden name was "Rivers," so the "R" probably stood for one (or more likely, both) of these names.


the hungarian said...

Here are my final suggestions (I know you didn't ask for that specifically, but I can't help it!:)

1. Cassius Clay, and call him "cash" for short?
2. Roman Ray Barosh. Names are tricky - Grace was the only one we ever truly agreed on. Now we just say "hey you, stop hitting your sister" :)

Tami said...

I like Noah. If we ever have another child and it is a boy, Noah is the name we both like. We have 2 boys and 1 girl now (Caleb, Camden and Emma Grace).

Terri said...

Hiya Mel ~

I understand...it's a big decision. But what ever name you two pick will be perfect and grow on you both. And really when it all comes down...it's just a name and he'll be perfect no matter what!

pick a fresh name neither Noah or Cash!? Just becuase you both have to be sold on it. How about Nicholas - I love that name! It's Matthew's middle name.

I'm getting excited ... if your baby is born on March 6 he'll be on my 30th birthday!!! What a gift hey!!!!

The right name will come just as he pops out...seems to be the way for you guys :-)

Cynthia said...

With this being our first, we have had our boy and girl names in our heads for a while, but on our trip to England we grew to like English names more and more - thus landing on Jack. But, as much as I love the name Jack, I'm back and forth. It is just so permanent! We are deciding this child's fate (see how melodramatic I can be!). I can relate to your dilemma, but love how at just the right moment the name will fall in your lap. At least that is what I am counting on...