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Saturday, February 2, 2008

I've Got The Bug....

I've officially become demosticated! For quite some time I have been wanting to learn how to sew and now that I've been home, this desire has grown even stronger.

To my surprise, I received a sewing machine for Christmas. Although, I did attempt to watch the instructional DVD that came with the machine, up until now, it's been sitting in the box. I guess I've been a little intimidated and unsure of how exactly to get started.

However, today I finally cracked this baby open thanks to the help of some other ladies who helped jump start me in this process! We had a sewing shin dig at Catherine's house which was very productive and of course lots of fun!

Aside from the delicious breakfast spread Catherine had for us and the great conversation, we all had an opportunity to work on our own individual projects. Morgan and Erin were so helpful and patient in guiding us through this process (thanks again ladies!). Everyone was at work, from decorative napkins and coasters, to pillow cases and nursing covers. It was a blast!

Here are some pics of us hard at work:
Casey's First Stitch!

My First Stitch...What Concentration!

Check out Julie behind me!

Erin,Catherine and Stephanie

Juile working hard!

Sarah meticulously cutting

Here is what Sarah and I were working on; which is sure to come in handy when our little guy arrives!

Morgan, has been very successful at making a few of these herself and was a great teacher! (Check out some of her sewing projects here! Not to mention, these cute little party favors she made us!)

Pin Cushions

A few hours later...here was our finished product!

My Nursing Cover Up: I LOVE it...isn't it gorgeous!

(I can't wait to make another one!)

Sarah's nursing cover

Catherine's Pillow


Can't wait for the next one ladies!


Morgan said...

so much fun!! i love julie's face!

Terri said...

Awsome!!! I love your choice of material - so cool!!!

I really can't wait to join...


nick beam said...


I think it is pretty cool that you are learning how to sew! You should read Irresitible Revolution and how shane claiborne sews all of his clothes. He does it because of all the sweatshops with underpaid and underage workers. Keep it up!