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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Check Out Them Hot Pink Boots!

Check out my root toot tooters (One of Tim's red neck sayings! :) ) in their new hot pink boots! I just love them! Aren't they fun! The girls wore these to church on Sunday and looked so cute in their little pink dresses.

Little Elianna's are actually two sizes too big, but as long as she gets to look like big sister she doesn't mind! Best part is is that mama got them both on clearance!

Isa's bright pink boots were only $4.98 at Target!
I also found these cute little flip flops for summer for only $2.98.

I love when I find deals especially since I'm not much of a bargain shopper...just requires too much patience and effort, but hey I'm definitely getting better!
Speaking of deals...The Bargain Shopper Lady has some great tips on online bargain shopping. She gives some great tips on how to find clearance prices on line and how to find and use coupon codes for additional discounts!
Be sure to check out her link to Victoria Secret Sweater Sale for $8.00.

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