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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cool Educational Links!

For all you moms looking for some fun educational sites you've got to check out the links below! Some new friends shared these great links and I thought I'd pass them along.

The link to the handwriting worksheet even allows you to customize your own handwriting worksheets! You can type in your child's name - phrase - or short sentence and the program automatically creates a full sized practice worksheet! Isabella's been enjoying this one as she practices writing her name.

In addition, there are also some creative ideas for fun crafts you can incorporate into learning lessons, customizable chore charts and many more helful tools for parents!

Be sure to check out the following links:



Katy ISD’s list of “readiness” for Kindergarten:


AWESOME websites with lots of theme related activities!!

http://www.kidzone.ws/ - really explore this website!!!!!




http://www.kidzone.ws/prek_wrksht/math-readiness/index.htm - don’t forget about Math




AWESOME websites using certain author’s books or TV shows:



http://www.wordworld.com/ - has a book you can print and coloring pages


If you know of any additional learning sites or have some helpful tips, please share!


Erin said...

Oh, you have to try Starfall.com! Monique told me about it and it's so great! Evy LOVES it! All reading readiness stuff and it teaches them the sounds the letters make. It's wonderful!

Jen said...

yes starfall is GREAT. Syd uses it at school.

Thanks for the links, I'm sure we'll be checking them out!

mtmommy said...

One of my favorite when I was teaching and now as a mommy is Jan Brett's site... Tons of activities, interactive stuff, fun coloring sheets, flashcards, etc... I LOVE her site... I guess this would go in your authors list, that is if you like it as well! Thanks for the new links...


monique said...

Thanks Mel! I used your link to make the personalized "Annelise" handwriting sheets. AWESOME!