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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WFMW: Saving Plastic Bags

Saving the plastic bags that clothes, linens and other various products come in sure have come in handy--a great tip my mom gave me! I have used these to save various things like toys, puzzle pieces and even organizing the endless and ever-growing kids socks!

Recently this came in handy when the girls received sleeping bags for Christmas. Instead of shoving them away in a closet somewhere, I was able to store these together in the plastic bag that I had saved from an old comforter. Now these are tucked away very neatly in the top shelf of the girl’s closet. It’s simple, practical and works for me!

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DeeDee said...

Hi, my name is Dee Dee and I live in Colorado! I happened across your blog and love it! I am a SAHM in my heart, but at this time I have to work. Thnks for your posts I look foward to reading them!

Amy Jo said...

I love plastic bags too! I save them all and get excited when I have extras hanging around waiting to be filled. I also keep some of our seasonal clothes in old comfortor bags. Mostly I use them to store puzzles and toys with lots of pieces, just like you do.