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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top Baby Must Haves

The other day our swing started acting up and I found myself thinking, “oh no, I don’t know what I’d do without my swing."

Not only does our little guy sleep so well in this thing, but with a mild case of reflux, being in an upright position helps him sleep longer stretches; especially at night. It’s really just all about survival these first few months! :)

**Before you say,"won’t that spoil him??" The answer is Of Course Not! :) While there is an age appropriate time to sleep train, etc… we are firm believers that there really is nothing you can do to spoil your baby in the first few months of life.

Anyway, as I started pondering this, I realized there are many things even the 3rd time around that “I don’t know what I’d do without.”

So, below is a few of my top baby must haves.
1. Portable Swing--great for travel and great space saver!

2. A
Sling, Carrier or Wrap

3. A
Hooter Hider –loving mine!

4. Video Monitor—I love being able to see baby…helps give me peace of mind.

Co-Sleeper- has been helpful for nursing in the wee hours

Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child--I still refer to this book from infant thru toddler years...a great read!

7. Swaddling Blankets --I hear
these are pretty good but I haven’t yet tried

Super Baby Food--I plan on doing this again and found this was a great read with helpful tips on how to make your own baby food.

9. A Car Seat-- (We love Britax)

10. Electric Breast Pump (Available for rent at local hospitals)

11. Madela Micro Sterile Bags(for bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc..)-- I originally purchased the big bulky kind that took up way too much room on my counter top. Now I can just pop this in the microwave and the bags are easily stored away.

12. Lansinoh Breast Pads- After a rather embarassing experience while leading a meeting at work, I am sold on these! They're awesome and leak proof!

13. Lansinoh Wipes--so soft and gentle on baby’s bottom and smells good too!

14. Dr. Smith's Ointment--expensive but worth every penny!

15. Pack-n-play

16. Swaddlers Pampers--
These also look pretty cool if you're interested in cloth diapers!

17. Good Burping Cloths --our little guy has soaked us a time or two!

18. White T-shirts--with frequent changings in the first few months, I found the little tees to be so much easier instead of constantly snapping and unsnapping outfits. They're also a lot cooler if you swaddle.

19. Pacifier--so far our little guy has not taken a liking to this yet…we're keeping our fingers crossed!! If we end up having to use one,
these have been great; especially for traveling!

Portable Potty Seat--Peace of mind for a germ freak like me! I take to parks, zoo, and etc..

These are a few staple items that have come in handy around our home. What about you? What's your baby must haves? I'd love to hear how they've been helpful to you!


Melissa said...

I love my Boppy!!! I'm on number two already. I like 'em really fluffy and his first one got pretty flat within the first few months, so it's now at my mom's house for me to use when we visit. :D

He also has a couple of toys that we alternate and can hook onto his car seat. It gives him something to look at and play with when we're out and about... lifesaver!

Terri said...

I love fuzzy bunz cloth diapers.

They make cloth diapers easy and the work so well.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Definitely a sling and a water sling for the shower- MUST HAVE, and soft soft baby clothes. I love California Baby bath products, too. I can get along with pretty much just that- don't need much else to get by!


Erin said...

ooh, excellent suggestions all around! I'm very much in agreement.

I do have to say that I recommend going cloth all the way with diapers. I love Dream-Eze all-in-ones from mtdiaperstore.com, along with boring old prefolds and covers.

and I have to ditto Steph on the CA Baby bath products. We also love Burts Bees baby products--yummy smelling! :D