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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WFMW: Latches On Doors

My husband and I found these locks to be very useful and have placed them on the exit doors around our home.

These first came in handy after we caught our oldest, who was only 3 at the time, walking out the front door.

Apparently, our little neighbor next door came to see if she could play. I happened to turn the corner just in time to see her walking out the door behind him. Talk about scary. Oh, and did I mention that we are the corner house next to a very busy street.

We recently put a few more up on the girl’s bedroom closet and kitchen pantry door. I was growing weary of the girls going in their closet to dress themselves only to find their clothes and shoes thrown about...everday day ALL day! It was definitely getting out of hand. BTW-- all 3 share a closet! I had to get a handle on the madness!!

We only keep their clothes (no toys) in this particular closet but it’s helped to contain the unwanted messes and my favorite…kept them from changing clothes 3 or 4 times a day (why do they like to do that?)!! Only downfall is that I have to make sure to unlock the closet for them in the morning and then again before bedtime.

We found this useful on our pantry door as well because the girls love pulling out the paper cups, spoons, plates, and etc… Thank goodness the snacks were contained on a higher shelf, otherwise things could have been a lot worse!

Needless to say, no more red cups tossed about all over the kitchen floor. Yeah!! These little babies work for me. For more WFMW tips, be sure to visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer!

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Jodi said...

we'll have to check those out...our little guy is into everything and you can only have so many baby gates! :)