..."popsicles on the porch"...what a great afternoon treat and our favorite way to spend time together! These are simple and precious moments! Princess #1 and Princess #2 along with Little Man #1 and #2 are my inspiration for most of these writings.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Despite my aching prego back, yesterday did bring a few simple pleasures.

Here are just a few snippets….

Breakfast: Since I'm getting around a lot slower these days, Tim's been taking the lead getting the girls up and fed before leaving for work in the morning. That in and of itself has been a real blessing and treat for the girls!

I love walking out in the morning and being greeted by these smiling faces!
I get a kick out of seeing them in their robes!

Dinner: We had a great dinner and tried out a new recipe from dine without whine. I even got a little pat on my back from my 3yr old that said “Hmmm...mom this dinner sure is good. Thank you for my dinner! You did a great job!" After a long hard day it sure was encouraging to hear these words!

I didn't get to gloat too long...because my bubble was bursted when she followed it up with, "Could I have some more black please?!?" Black?? What do you mean I asked...what black? We finally figured out she was asking for more bacon! Hmmmm....bacon does kind of look black...maybe that's what she actually meant, but we know she knows how to say "bacon." So more than likely I overcooked it a bit. :)

Oh well! The "black" couldn't have been too bad because they both ended up eating very well that night! Simple pleasures!

After dinner horsing around: This was probably my favorite! A couple of weeks ago my mom brought over a few boxes with items she had saved for me and my siblings over the years. She asked me to go through them to see if there was anything I wanted.

As I sifted through the boxes, it was neat to reminisce and hear mom share stories about the things that she had stored away. Things like my first Easter bunny, a favorite stuffed animal, etc...but what was surprising was that among these sentimentals were a few crazy items that for whatever reason, she felt compelled to save.

Things like friendship bracelets I made when I was a kid, pot holders I weaved together, and my favorite…those plastic charm necklaces from the 80’s! I used to collect the charms, trade with friends and shamelessly sported this thing around my neck. Since I threw mine away, I have no pictures. However, I googled it and actually found one on e-bay!

Can you believe it's actually selling for $40.00--ha!

Then my mom pulled out a box full of old dance wear, jazz shoes, tap shoes and costumes from previous recitals. Things she had saved from our beginning years in dance. Since my girls love dressing up, how could I say no? I decided I had to make room for this box full of goodies.

Last night I finally decided to pull it out and let the girls dig into this treasure of goodies! Tim and I had a blast watching the girls try on outfit after outfit! It brought back some wonderful memories and gave me such joy knowing they were wearing the very outfits I wore when I was their age.

Thanks Mom for saving after all these years! It was truly a blessing!


Morgan said...

they are so cute! what a treat for them to get to try on your old outfits!!

Terri said...

How cute indeed!!

Simple pleasures are lifes greatest pleasures for sure!!!



Melissa said...

How adorable! That is really precious to be able to share those things with your girls.

BTW...that bracelet~ awesome! I'd forgotten about those.