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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nesting: Phase 1

The weekend before last we had arranged for the girls to stay with Grandma while we attended a wedding of a very good friend of mine from high school. However, our plans changed at the last minute. Following my last midwife appointment, Tim decided it would be better for us to forgo our trip. He didn't want to take the chance of me suddenly going into labor away from our midwives or worst, going into labor while we were on the road (also why I wasn't able to attend the ladies retreat this past weekend)!

Since we had already arranged for the girls to stay with grandma the whole weekend we decided to take advantage of that time and instead spent the weekend cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Sounds like fun huh?!

This wasn't the usual clean up schedule. This was spring cleaning, sorting, organizing, giving away, etc...all in preparation of our little one coming! Or as Tim would call it, "Nesting!" It felt so good to finally get some things checked off my "Before the baby comes wish list!"

And I have the best husband in the world...though he did get a kick out of teasing me for being blissfully happy about having an entire weekend devoted to cleaning and organizing (I've already admitted that I'm a freak!), he didn't complain not one time! We rolled up our sleeves and got straight to work! I love being "here" with my husband and working together as a team to accomplish our family goals; (or my "nesting" bug)!

Here is what we tackled:


  • Steam Clean All Rooms in House (3 brms, dining room and study)

  • Steam Clean Couches

  • Steam Clean Rocker in nursery

  • Steam Clean Carpets in Van/Clean Van

  • Wash baby Car Seat Covers and place car seat in Van

  • Place Baby Outlet Covers over appliance plugs that are in use

  • Hang up lights on girls doll house bed

  • Swap winter and spring clothing bins in attic

  • Put up Child Protective Gates- We've grown so weary of finding the perfect tension, latching and unlatching each time we wanted to use the gates that we decided to actually hinge them to the wall.

  • This is the gate we put up leading to our master bedroom which will help deter a couple of curious little gals and give mommy a little bit of privacy while tending to the baby.

    We also put one up in the girls bedroom doorway and doorway leading to our home office. So far, it's been working out very well. The little nook area that was created here has even come in handy when we have company and need to contain our dog!


  • Organize and put away baby's clothes

  • Organize girls winter clothes and shoes to take to attic and bring down spring clothing

  • Organize linen closet in master bedroom

  • Organize Tim's undersink cabinet

  • My under the sink cabinet

  • Organize Girls under the sink cabinet

  • Clean out night stand drawers

  • Clean out kitchen junk drawer

  • We got everything done on our list leaving just a few more things to do for another weekend. We even found time to take a break Friday night and catch a movie!

    In addition to watching the kids for us, my mother also blessed us with some cash for a date night! We spent it at Perry's Steakhouse on Saturday night and enjoyed the Pork Chops...our favorite!

    After dinner we had dessert and coffee in the bar area while listening to some great jazz music! The musicians were too cute...they must have all been in their 60's or 70's and were absolutely incredible!

    To top off our evening, we took a nice little stroll around Town Center. Even though I couldn't hang that long (my aching prego back) we had a great time! It truly ended up being the perfect weekend!

    Phase II to come....


    Steph said...

    I can't even imagine how you could need a phase two! Wow! But how dreamy to have everything so clean and organized! Well done you!

    monique said...

    Mel, I loved reading this! The pics to go along with it are great. Nesting just feels so wonderful. . . you just reminded me of more stuff I can clean - gotta go!

    chona said...

    Swap out winter and spring clothes? with this crazy weather, who knows what you'll need. What a great visual of what nesting is all about!

    Cynthia said...

    Oh nesting...can't wait for that to set in! I didn't realize how many things can be steam cleaned. Maybe I need a steamer too...

    Desiree' said...

    Wow! That was impressive work. Hope you are doing well!