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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trees, Toddlers and Ornaments!!

Within a week of having the tree up I have already grown so tired of chasing after the girlies and telling them to put the ornaments back on the tree. In fact, many of our glass ornaments were broken within the first couple of days of putting the tree up that I decided that our big tree in the living room would consist of nothing more than the kid friendly, non breakable, plastic ornaments!

Here are a few pictures of the fabulous job the girls did hanging up ornaments. I love how there is at least 10 candy canes on one branch and 10 icicles bundled up on another. The other half of our tree was completely bare so Papi and I had to help fill in the gaps when the kiddos went to bed. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to do much good because the very next morning all of the candy canes and icicles were rearranged again.

And just to give you an even better idea of what life has been like with two little ones this holiday season, here’s what I found on our tree the other day after the girlies had been tucked into bed:

Ha-ha! Ya gotta love it!

Here's what mommy's been working on. I decided to try my hand at making popcorn garland this year! My mother, sister and I decided to make a girls night of it! Of course, the little ones helped too even though they were more interested in eating it! We had a great time! The tree looks very festive, not to mention my whole house smells like popcorn...yummy!

Whew…this tired Mommy is off to bed!


Anonymous said...

Mel, the shoe on the tree is too funny!


The Vann's said...

I love this post. So cute!! Your girls are absolutly gorgeous and we should def. get together after all the holiday craziness.
Miss you guys!!