..."popsicles on the porch"...what a great afternoon treat and our favorite way to spend time together! These are simple and precious moments! Princess #1 and Princess #2 along with Little Man #1 and #2 are my inspiration for most of these writings.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Breakfast with Santa

Since Mommy was away this past weekend at a women's conference Papi took the girls to have Breakfast with Santa! The girls had a blast and kept Papi very busy; especially the little one who demanded being on Santa's lap throughout the whole breakfast! Papi had a real challenge keeping her away from Santa so that the other little boys and girls could visit with him too! Here are some pics of the girls with Santa!

Isa talking with Santa telling him it's Jesus Birthday! According to Tim, she wouldn't quit until Santa acknowledged that it was indeed Jesus' birthday.

The Grandkids

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Kathryn Bonner said...

Hey there my sweet friend!

I have been catching up on your blog! It's wonderful, I love all that our Lord is doing in your family. You and Tim are doing such a great job as parents, and your girlies are absolutely precious! I love the crown that the girls wear! Wouldn't it be fun for us as adults to walk around with crowns :)

Praying God's richest blessing upon you during this Christmas season! I pray that your little one is feeling better also.

Love you much,