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Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Mommy, Can We Go to Church...PLEASE!!!"

My oldest loves going to church! In fact, she ask me just about every night after our bedtime prayers, “Hey mommy, do you want to go to church tomorrow…come on let’s go!” My heart just melts at her sincerity and excitement!

We do have our own worship and bible study time at home but I knew this wasn’t good enough….she wanted to actually go to church. Unsure of how to respond I have felt a little loss for words. I don’t want to tell her that we only go to church on Sundays and I certainly don’t want to tell her no. So when she asked me again on Tuesday I told her “ok, let’s go…we can have church right here at home!” She was a little perplexed and then proceeded to ask me, “but where is my classroom going to be? Where is Elianna going to go? What about my snacks?” I told her, “right here…we can do it in the living room!” Picking up on my excitement she said, “ok, mommy you go get the snacks and I’m going to go get my dress on!” I couldn’t help but laugh when she went to go get dressed and yet at the same time I was relieved that she was so excited and willing to go along.

And not only was she willing to go along but we were going all out...she wanted the real deal!
When she came back she was all decked out in her “church clothes!” With hairbrush and hair bows in hand, she told me that she wanted her hair in two “low ponytails” like MaryEvyn. After many attempts, I finally caught on and was able to give her the hairdo she wanted.

We were finally ready for church to begin! We started off singing some worship songs from their favorite Verse 2 Verse CD and bible action video. Isa wasn’t content with me just putting the music on though. She wanted me to formally announce that class was now in session like her teachers do at church. It went something like, “Ok guys, now we're going to spend a few minutes singing songs to Jesus to tell him that we love him." So the three of us danced, jumped, giggled and had all kinds of fun!

After our singing time I had to call the class to order so that we could sit down for our bible story. At this time Isa reminded me about the snacks (gold fish and water to be exact) that I was supposed to prepare for her and Elianna. Thank goodness they were willing to settle for Teddy Grahams instead! So, we sat down and had a short little lesson about Essau and Joseph. They listened contently while they ate their snacks. Following, we had a little prayer time and then I dismissed the class for nap time.

The girls had a blast! It was so much fun to see them get into it. What I really sensed though was the spiritual hunger God has already placed in their hearts. It was definitely an encouragement to me but also helped me to see that they are hungering for more! I love the way God speaks to us through our children! What accountability!

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The Vann's said...

Your little girls are SO cute! Congrats on your third, Carissa and I are SO excited for Ya'll!! More excited we found your blogs, we are adding you and Tim to our bloggin buds! We need to get together some time soon, let us know when is good for you guys!! Hope your doing well!- Nick Vann