..."popsicles on the porch"...what a great afternoon treat and our favorite way to spend time together! These are simple and precious moments! Princess #1 and Princess #2 along with Little Man #1 and #2 are my inspiration for most of these writings.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Adventures at Seaworld!

She knew what she wanted….to ride the Shamu kiddy rollercoaster! This ride was by far bigger and better than the old kiddy snake roller coaster at Astroworld.

As we waited in line I tried my best to prepare her for all that was about to happen. You mommys know that our kiddos respond best when they know exactly what to expect. However, with all the excitement I wasn't too sure anything was really soaking in...she was just so thrilled watching all the little kids get on and off the ride!

Even though the little princess could hardly wait her turn, knowing that she is claustrophobic, I couldn’t help but wonder if she would freak out once it was finally our turn. Our little princess doesn’t like anything on her body that feels remotely confining….even swim floaties have been known to send her into a frenzy. So, you can imagine why I was so sure the lap bar would send her into freak out mode the minute in came down and locked us into place.

But, to my surprise when the bar came down, she was still all smiles and giggles! As the bell rang and the rollercoaster pulled away from the platform she could hardly contain her excitement! As I looked over at her she had her hands raised high in the air! How did she know to do that?!! I knew she must have picked it up from all the other kids she had been watching but I couldn't help but think, "hey, what happened to my baby?" As we pulled away, she squealed in delight, “Put your hands up in the air mommy…it’s fun!” Here are some pics of our little princess on her first roller coaster ride at Seaworld in San Antonio.

If you're wondering what princess #2 was doing while we were riding Shamu....she was having a blast in the waterhole! Here are some pics of princess #2 fearlessly splashing around with the older kids!


Nick said...

hey i was checking out your blog today figured i would show you some" love" by the way i read your blog everyday and enjoy it very much. there was one in particular that i read a couple of weeks ago about "his purpose will stand" that i thought was very interesting. once we were saved we died to ourselves and alive to christ. but for some reason i still find myself getting in the way. but at the same time, god is big enough to work around me, so i agree with you that his purposes will stand. it is up to us to seek out that purpose and die to ourselves everyday. there in lies the struggle. as selfish creatures we always want things our way, our time, our place, etc. sounds a lot like our kids or the israelites! his purposes stood then and they will stand now. my will is god's will, because i try to live out gods will everyday. again though i struggle. and as i commented on tim's blog god is gracious enough to work with me and he will ultimately get us where we are going. And we know where we are going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey said...

mel-- your 2 princesses are the cutest things ever!!! I am so excited to have Isa in my Kids Crossing class now... we went to San Antionio TOO this past weekend! We went to Six flags, though. See you soon!