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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

10 Random Things About Me....

1. I carry Purell with me just about everywhere I go….you never know when you’ll need it especially in public bathrooms…yuk!

2. I love storage containers, bins, crates, etc…and love buying cool organizational bins whenever I see them! I love to have them on hand ready to go when needed!

3. I love shoes…from flip flops to pumps; sassy, clunky, fun, etc…I’ve got em!

4. My favorite snack is popcorn

5. I love curling up in my bed and watching “Friends” with my husband

6. I still love putting chips in my sandwich

7. I am the Queen of Laundry—oops...I mean of mildew! I passionately hate doing laundry and when I do, I always forget to switch the clothes in time!

8. I love Jane Eyre but have never finished it---I am an avid reader but always seem to get distracted by the next new book out. I tell myself every year I’m going to finish it…maybe this year is the year!

9. One of my biggest fears is someone getting their fingers or toes smashed in a car door or any door for that matter (I have a terrible memory in particular when I saw this happen to my husband). I am very paranoid about this; especially since my small children are in the stage where they are fascinated about opening and closing doors.

10. I use to have a nose piercing

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Terri said...

Chips on your sandwich - silly! hehe

I hear you about the hand sanitizer! So many germs out there.

Cute! I just done this, you'll have to make your way over to my blog and check it out!