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Friday, September 28, 2007

Visited Countries

This was a cool website, visited countries that I found. It allows you to track all of the fun places you've traveled to! Here are a few places Tim and I have had the opportunities to visit...oh the memories!

  • United Kingdom--My family lived here for 3yrs so we were able to travel quite a bit during christmas vacation

  • Spain--Spent two summers here. Once doing a mission trip at a youth camp in Cataluna and the other doing a study abroad in Toledo (near madrid).
  • France--The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower...very romantic!

  • Holland--Favorite place to visit! Once on a mission trip and once with Tim backpacking
  • Belgium--Gorgeous!

  • Panama--Tim and I attended a family wedding and brought in the new year in 06 just a few months before Elianna was due!

  • Mexico--Several Trips both for vacation purposes, honeymoon and mission trips

Not only can you track all the cool countries you have visited but you can track the states you have traveled to as well! Below are a few that I've had the opportunities to visit!

What countries/states have you visted?

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