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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Isabella's Princess Birthday Party!

Where has the time gone! I can't believe Isabella is already 3yrs old! This year we had a "princess/pirate party!" The girls dressed in their favorite princess gown and the boys dressed up as pirates..."arrghh matie!" We even had a little cat walk where the kids were announced as princesses or pirates from their respective land (their last name). Tim had fun adding animated commentary from their earrings, to sparkling shoes and or captain hook, while parents snapped pictures! We also had a castle moon walk set up in the back yard and had the kids hunt for pirate money--gold coins hidden throughout the yard in order to help the princess collect her taxes. We had lots of fun despite the rain which ended up sending us inside a little early!

It was so neat seeing Isabella get into her party this year. We had a blast shopping together for all of her princess and pirate paraphernalia. She had fun picking out which princess invitations she wanted along with the matching plates and napkins; which by the way I knew was going to be cinderella. She also helped pick out some fun party goodies for her princess and pirate friends!

Here are some fun pics from her party!

Isabella, the birthday princess!

Isa and Papi

Luke...argghhh matie!

Asher the pirate!

Princess Sydney

More Princesses and Pirates!

Quick, let's jump before it rains...

Group pic after the catwalk

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Anonymous said...

omg I just googled isobella monet to see if anyone else had a baby named that and your daughter isaballa monet come up, thats incredible!! :D My Isobella Monet is 2 this month!