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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First Step Towards Adoption!

We did it! We submitted in our application for adoption! So many feelings but most of all we’re excited! Tim and I have always known that we wanted to adopt but what really confirmed the desire God had already placed in our hearts was becoming parents to two beautiful little girls of our own.

After doing a little research and discovering the need my heart became so deeply burdened to share with another little boy or girl what my two little girls have so graciously been blessed with. I know we cannot save the world but we can make a difference in one life…and God can do so much more!

We finally settled on an organization. We don’t know what to expect but are really looking forward to what God has in store! We know that God has been preparing our hearts so we’re trusting his timing and his provision in this process.


Anonymous said...

Mel! I am so excited to hear you all are going to adopt!!! God has put this desire in my and Monty's heart as well and just today I was online looking and reading about kids waiting for adoption in FL. It's such a wonderful thing!! I'm so happy for you both. God is so good!!! Keep us all up to date!

Jen said...

that is very cool news.
Bobby and I plan to do the same, but i guess we need to wait until the current project is born. :)