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Monday, July 7, 2008

Great Bible Adventures

My mother in law ordered me a children’s bible study kit called Great Bible Adventures. Each month we get a new lesson in the mail. What I love about this study is that each bible study lesson has a coordinating coloring sheet, puzzle, prayer cards, and creative family activities to help you apply each lesson.

Today, Elianna marched out with the bible kit in hand saying, “mommy I want bible! I want Jesus!” It really blessed me to hear her ask me this and on her own accord, yet at the same time it stung a little…kind of like she was saying, "come on mama get in gear!"

So, the girls pulled out their couches for bible time. Ellie in Dora and and Isa on her princess throne and together we read the story of John The Baptist. The girls listened intently to the lesson and participated well as we talked about what the words repent, sin and baptism meant. Not sure how much actually stuck but they did enjoy coloring and putting their puzzle together!

Their favorite part was our “wilderness snack!" This was a great little tip in the family activities section. We talked about how John The Baptist lived in the wilderness and how he ate very different food from us...no pizza, gold fish, ice cream, etc.. instead he ate nuts, berries, honey, and locusts.

This was the fun part! In an attempt to recreate John’s diet we made a wilderness snack with some things that mommy had in her pantry like peanuts, almonds, strawberries, apple slices, and broccoli.

Ok…so maybe not all of it was exactly what John ate, but you get the picture. And I couldn’t believe how much the girls LOVED it! Not to mention, it turned out to be a very healthy lunch!

This little study kit has been great for us! It’s simple and fun! If you’re interested in checking it out, click
here for more info. For more WFMW ideas, visit shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.


Tami said...

This sounds great. I am going to check it out for my kids.

Terri said...

Hiya Mel ~

I sure do miss your blogs...I know you are a busy busy girl...but I sure do miss them :-)