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Monday, June 4, 2007

Laundry Prayers

How often have we prayed something like, "O Lord, be with cousin Billy now in a special way?" Have we stopped to consider what it is we're requesting? Imagine that you are a parent who is preparing to leave your children with a babysitter. Would you dream of saying, "O Betsy, I ask you now that you would be with my children in a special way?" No way. You would say, "Betsy, the kids need to be in bed by 9 pm. They can have one snack before their baths, and please make sure they finish their homework. You can reach us at this number if there's any problem. Any questions before we go?

We are very specific with our requests and instructions for our babysitters.
We want them to know specifics.

It should be no different with prayer.

--David Jeremiah

As I was thinking through this quote, I am called to reflect on my own prayer life. I began to wonder why it takes something significant to happen in our lives before we are really driven to our knees in prayer.

Stormie Omartian says prayer is like a football game. When the quarterback throws the ball the play is in motion. Then it is the opposing team's job to intercept the ball and take it back the opposite direction. Prayer is the same way. When we pray, we have the power to intercede; to take what was once moving in one direction and move it in the opposite direction.

What a great analogy! We have the power to ask for God's protection, guidance, wisdom, etc...over every area of our lives. Why wait until your marriage is on the rocks, your health is failing, your finances are overwhelming, or stress at work is insurmountable, etc...

As I began to reflect on ways that I can be more intentional in praying for my family and friends, etc... I was reminded of an excerpt in "Taking Care of The Me in Mommy." In this book, Lisa gives practical advise on how to use your daily tasks to incorporate prayer for specific areas of your life. For example...

  • Vacuuming--Ask the Lord to shine light on hidden areas to remove things you hadn't even realized had become embedded in your life.
  • Deep Cleaning Bathroom--Ask the Lord to remove a problem in your life or a family member's life.
  • While Pouring in the Softener--You can ask the Lord to Soften your heart toward ___________________.
  • Pouring in the Bleach--Ask the Lord to reveal and remove the stains of sin in your life
This one is my least favorite....Folding Laundry!
I absolutely detest doing laundry!! Life is just so busy and the laundry seems never ending. I've had to help teach my family that it's ok to wear a shirt or pants more than once before tossing it into the dirty bin!

I feel so defeated at times...ever feel like that? Even when I work hard in preventing the laundry from piling up, it's only a matter of time before I forget to switch the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer...uggh!! My poor husband walks around all too often with his shirts smelling like mildew...and you know you never smell mildew until you begin to perspire or get rained on. Mildew + sweat= Yuk...never a good combination!! (sorry honey!)
So...I have been using my laundry time to pray over specific areas for my family.

Here are my laundry prayers....
  • Sorting Clothes---I ask the Lord to sort out the junk in my life; to keep me from adding things to my calendar that would fill my life with unnecessary clutter and take me away from God and my family.
  • Emptying my husband's pockets (I always find small change and guitar pics!)--I ask the Lord to help Tim excersice good judgement and wisdom over our finances.
  • Folding my husband's undershirts--I pray for his integrity, character, and overall spiritual growth and leader of our home.
  • Folding my little girls underwear--I pray for their protection, purity, health and future spouse!

This has been such a simple way for me to learn how to be intentional in praying for specific areas in advance for my family.

What I have begun to discover is that not only does the time pass a little faster, but my attitude is changing toward this once grueling chore. As I have become more intentional in tackling this task, I've even starting to experience a little joy! Knowing that I'm in the trenches lifting up specific prayer requests in advance for my family has been empowering and uplifting!

God has a sense of humor too! Isabella came into the room unexpectedly with the most sincere and thankful attitude as she exclaimed, "thank you mommy...you washed my dress, and my underwear, and my socks, etc.." It was the cutest thing!

(ok...ok...before you think I never do laundry...you need to know that Isa does this for many acts of service i.e. picking up diapers and wipes for Ellie, donuts for Sunday morning, and etc..)

However, I couldn't help but see God's sense of humor in providing me with the encouragement I needed by sending little Isa in to give me a pat on my back. This has been added encouragement for keeping up with the laundry! :)


Terri said...

Nice Blog, thanks for sharing.
And, I hear you about the laundry, ahh right!? And, the ironing I always say I'll tackle it soon as it comes out of the dryer. But, for some reason it always tends to pile up. Nice way to get through it :-)

Erin said...

Love this! Sounds like Isa has a special love language!